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Mothers Day – Sunday 12th May

Need some fresh inspiration this Mothers Day?

Gift buying can be difficult, especially if you are buying for elderly mums, or far-away mums, or the ones that have just got everything! At Coco we can help you find the perfect gift that not only looks great but is practical too.


Here are some of our top picks – and they are not all from Coco 🙂

Artificial flowers – a nice bunch of her favourites.

A photo book – make it online with some great pics of you and the family, or some of her favourite places.

Handwash or body lotion – in a nice pump bottle that can sit in the kitchen or bathroom.

Movie Tickets – we have two nice boutique cinemas in Christchurch.

Drink bottles – the new ones that work for both hot or cold liquids and are double walled – and of course they come from Coco Gifts so they are pretty!

Breakfast, brunch, coffee, cake or lunch at Meshino Cafe – with a Mothers Day card from Coco Gifts of course.

Earings – lets face it, earings are always a winner – and so easy to post.

Room diffusers or room sprays – gifts you can use and its always nice to freshen up indoor spaces in winter.

And finally – You – the greatest gift of all, because lets face it that’s pretty much all that most mums want.  I ask my kids for a nice photo together every mothers day, plus permission to share it on social media if I want to.