63 Rutland St, St Albans, Christchurch 8014

Easter goodies unpacked and looking gorgeous!

Easter, such a pretty display 🙂  We set up for Easter a week ago, but it didn’t feel right promoting it when we were in the middle of the grief caused by the Christchurch terror attack.  Now that some days have passed, and we have reflected on the victims, I feel now we can start getting back to normal business.


So, Easter, its all about the yellow fluffy chickens, bunnies everywhere – on plates, and bags, on scarves, and hanging on vases.


Molly Woppy cookies are a must have this easter – bunnies with iced fondant or bunny ears dipped in white chocolate.  Yum!


Also available our ever popular Bella Chocolates and dark chocolate bunnies from Esque Fine Chocolate in Queenstown.