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How to wear your winter fashion

Many people believe that wearing winter clothes for women means that you have to sacrifice your style for warmth. However, this simply isn’t true, and you can easily follow the hottest winter fashion trends that seamlessly blends style and comfort. Here are some tips to help put together your winter outfits –

Layer, Layer, Layer

Go back to the basics and build layers of clothing, Christchurch can have four seasons in a day so build on that.  A thin shirt or tank top under a pretty knit sweater and jacket allows you to stay comfortable all day. The heavier outer sweater will provide protection from the wind. If you get hot, you can remove the heavier sweater and still be stylish and comfortable with the thinner shirt underneath.

Embrace Knits

Knitwear comes in a huge range of styles and colours that are the perfect alternative to a bulky winter jacket. They come in several different lengths as well, and this makes it easy to go from outdoors to indoors or dress up an everyday outfit. Add a pop of colour or choose sleek black for an elegant and timeless look. You can easily pair them with skinny jeans and a stylish boot to pull together an effortless winter look any day of the week.

Your favourite Pants

You can’t go wrong in the winter with a pair of stylish women’s pants. They’re a classic women’s winter fashion go-to, and they come in a huge range of colours and cuts. Additionally, they’re extremely versatile, and you can mix and match them with almost anything.

Stay Warm with a Poncho

The poncho is a long-beloved wardrobe piece for women’s winter fashion. It’s a great piece to wear as a stylish alternative to a traditional jacket or jumper, and it’s the perfect way to stay in the newest trends. We offer a variety of women’s capes and ponchos to choose from in several colours and styles. You can toss your poncho on over a pair of slacks or jeans and suddenly you have a new look!

Don’t Be Afraid of Dresses

Just because it’s cooler out doesn’t mean you have to forego your favourite winter dresses! Instead, you can pair them with a pair of thicker tights, a statement belt and a stunning pair of boots to pull off a fun and fashionable look. You can get fleece-lined tights that have a thinner and less bulky look while being able to keep you warm and block that chilly winter wind.

Step up your style with boots

Hands down the best thing about winter – boots!  Full length, over the knee, ankle, wedge, flats – so many reasons to love the colder weather!  Mix them up with all your favourite outfits and bring in some extra colour. 

Add colour with accessories

Scarves, hats & gloves are an essential part of winter outfits for all season long to help keep you warm. However, they’re also an excellent way to add a fun pattern or pop of colour to your everyday outfit.  This year mustard seems to be as strong as ever, and accessories are an easy way to wear it.